Published: 18 June 2020: We’re not exactly the most spiritual bunch here at A Modern Gay’s Guide, but honey, we’re absolutely praising the gods up above for this one. As ‘rona restrictions continue to ease and Sydney once again begins to re-open, the famed BYO (wine & nibbles) art studio, Cork and Canvas, is again reopening their studios across Sydney. For any sick-of-being-stuck-at-home-wine-obsessed humans (us) this is BREAKING news.

Re-opening with an absolute (rainbow) bang, the team wasted no time at all in embracing their commitment to the LGBTIQ+ community, launching Pride festivities in their studios with a fabulously fierce Pride themed painting session, aptly panting a lion with a rainbow mane. Incredible.

If you’ve not yet had the opportunity to check out Cork and Canvas, here’s the 4-1-1. So the studio is completely BYO, so make sure you bring a bottle or two of your favourite drop and a decent supply of snacks, as you’ll be painting for around two-three hours. On arrival, you’ll be greeted by one of the absolutely fabulous Cork and Canvas artists, who will hit you with a wack of hand-sano and shoot you down the back to get apron’d on up, drop your bags and throw those snacks and precious (we repeat, precious) bottles of wine into the fridge. The team have all your plate, cup, ice and refrigeration needs covered!

From here, you’ll take a seat, have a sip, maybe a chip and dip and get relaxed. Next, your lead artist will start to guide you through, step-by-step. At this point, you’re maybe thinking ‘mhhmm, I’m not a great artist, could be a bit too hard for me’. Well hun, you’re wrong. The team are well aware that after two bottles of vino you may not exactly be a modern day Vincent van Gogh, which is why the steps are beyond simple. They know who they’re catering to, don’t stress pal!

Knowing that we live in a COVID-safe world, the team have also made a stack of additions to ensure the safety of all guests – here’s the lowdown: the studio is being professionally cleaned prior to each session, with all guests greeted at the door with hand sanitiser, glassware being cleaned using an industrial glass washer on the highest setting. and all wooden cheese boards removed.

During each session, the artists are also wiping down frequently touched areas with antibacterial cleaners. Guests no longer pump their own paint, thus avoiding multiple amateur artists all touching the paint pumps.

Thank you A Modern Gays Guide for a great write up!

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