How to Redeem my Voucher

What does my voucher code look like?

Your voucher code may come in many forms. If it was purchased as an eGift voucher, it is a 13 character generated code consisting of numbers and letters. If it is a coupon voucher issued to you as a result of rescheduling or cancelling your previously scheduled session, it is a 6 digit code followed by 2 letters (it may or may not include “cc-” as a prefix). Example voucher codes include “ab1cd2ef3gh4i” and “123456ab” (or “cc-ab1cd2ef3gh4j” and “cc-123456ab“, if it included the “cc-” prefix).

Where do I redeem my coupon voucher code during the purchasing process?

After you’ve selected the session(s) you would like attend and clicked the Buy Now button, you will be directed to our Checkout page. At the top of the Checkout page a blue bar will appear across the screen asking “Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code?”. Click it where indicated to enter your coupon voucher code (refer to Diagram 01 below).

Diagram 01

Then, enter your coupon voucher code in the box that appears and click the Apply Coupon button (refer to Diagram 02 below).

Diagram 02

Once you have done this, and you have entered a valid coupon voucher code with credit, a green bar will appear across the screen stating “Coupon code applied successfully” (refer to Diagram 03 below).

Diagram 03

In the Your order section of the Checkout page, you will now see the deduction of the coupon voucher amount to your purchase and the final amount owing will appear below it (refer to Diagram 04 below).

Diagram 04

Please now proceed with entering the remaining information on the Checkout page and finalise your purchase of your session(s).

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