Hotspot Highlights – Paint and Sip Painting on the Piss

Drink wine, create a masterpiece. Two things on everyone’s mind on a night out, right? No? Well, let us tell you about our new favourite thing to do. We might just change your mind.

Unique experiences pop up in this wonderful city every day — hidden treasures awaiting those eager to discover something new. Paint and Sip nights are one such experience to add to that ever-growing list.

The format is simple: rock up to the studio, your favourite bottle of wine in hand, and leave with a masterpiece to hang over the fireplace. Not only is it a great night out, but you get to tell all your future guests — while sipping brandy by the fire — that yes, you did paint that Van Gogh.

You Had Us At BYO

There are a variety of places to go in Melbourne to find a BYO Paint and Sip, and all offer are a fantastic way to do something different with your evening. So, even if your only prior exposure to Leonardo and Michelangelo is through a kick-ass TV show, that won’t diminish your experience.

Cork and Canvas is located in South Melbourne and has been welcoming painters and imposters alike through their doors for five years. Growing through word of mouth, they have become the benchmark for paint and sip nights in Melbourne, even catering to corporate giants such as Cisco Systems and Myki.

They don’t take themselves too seriously either — fun art, rather than fine art, as they say. It’s more about embracing your creative side while enjoying the company and the banter…and the wine. Did we mention it was BYO? So, you can fork out on the fine wine if you’re impressing your date, or just grab a sixer of the cheap stuff (and some nibbles if you’re peckish!) for a night with some mates. Their motto is simple: Drink.Paint.Create.

Everyone’s an artist here

For those reluctant to let the world know they have about as much artistic talent as an ironing board, fear not. No artistic inclination is requisite for entry, no shame necessary if you can’t replicate the Mona Lisa. Paint and Sip nights embrace one and all. You don’t need to be a tortured artist, searching the depths of your soul and pouring it onto the canvas.

Instead, pour a glass of wine and have fun. You just need to give it a go. It’s a place to have a laugh with friends or take a date, or some team building for the work crew. It’s an interesting way to meet interesting people.

Over the course of three hours, the studio’s talented artists guide the class through a painting step-by-step, encouraging you to employ creative license if the urge hits, and with a paintbrush in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, how could you not be inspired!

Paint by Numbers

Prices for a session with Cork and Canvas start at $45 for a weeknight and $55 at the weekend, and for that, you’ll be provided with all the paints and brushes you’ll need and a canvas to create a work of art to take home with you at the end of the night. All you’ve got to do is bring the booze. What more could you ask for?

Melbourne is your Canvas

So, there you have it. Another treasure waiting to be discovered; another reason why Melbourne is the best city in the world.

Or, as we like to think of it: Melbourne is the canvas, its people the artists, and the experiences we have — like these Paint and Sipnights — are the paint. Embrace this wonderful city, and with each experience add another lick of paint, another splash of colour, and you’ll soon have yourself a masterpiece.

For more information on Cork and Canvas or to make a booking, hit the links below.


Thank you to writer, ANDREW BROWNE of MR MEN’S MELBOURNE for his article [source link]

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