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SECRET VIP EVENT 2023 Waitlist
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Sunday 31 Dec, 6:00 pm
Doors open 6:00pm & close at 9:00pm

$160.00 incl. GST

A NEW exciting VIP experience is coming to a top-secret location in Melbourne!

If you like truly VIP, immersive experiences with a creative twist, this one is for you!

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Sold Out

Rescheduling Policy and other important information

Champainting® VIP Events Rescheduling Policy

If you need to reschedule, cancel or partially reschedule or cancel your order with us, you may do so by clicking on our Change my Booking button at the bottom of OUR website or by selecting it on the main menu bar under Studio Sessions. Be mindful that your selection will be immediately and automatically actioned so be sure to consider your choice before selecting to process it and that a reschedule/cancellation fee may apply.

Due to limit seating, the following notice periods apply:

Number of seats to Reschedule Considered a “No Show” with no voucher issued Notice period for a voucher less a 50% late reschedule fee per seat Notice period for a voucher (without penalty)
Any Number of Seats 14 days or less between 14 and 21 days 21 days or more
Third Party Supplier's Venue Covid-19 Terms and Conditions

As this is a third party venue, Covid-19 entry requirements may apply. Currently, no Covid-19 requirements apply.

Food & Beverage and Dietary Requirements

The food & beverage is supplied by a third party supplier (“Third Party Supplier”). WE will make every effort to accommodate dietary requirements, however, trace ingredients may be present in OUR Third Party Supplier’s kitchen. WE do no accept any liability for adverse reactions to food prepared by OUR Third Party Supplier or items guests may come into contact with while consuming any food prepared or supplied by OUR Third Party Supplier. This information forms part of the terms and conditions of this purchase.