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Showing 1–40 of 202 results

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Champainting has been providing fun and unique painting experiences ever since it was first launched in 2012. Since then, its popularity has helped fuel significant growth — to the point where we now own and operate four studios across Melbourne and Sydney, including our South Melbourne studios on Clarendon Street.

What to expect from Champainting in South Melbourne

Champainting isn’t about becoming the next Da Vinci or Van Gogh — though if that’s your goal, the guidance you’ll receive from our professional artists will certainly help. More important to us is that you’re able to tap into that creative state of mind and have fun while doing it — something that is made a lot easier with a glass of wine or two by your side!

Our South Melbourne studio, conveniently located on Clarendon Street, is home to a wide range of different sessions, each of which focuses on producing a different work of art. We also offer VIP classes, a luxury paint and sip experience which launched in Sydney before making the leap across the border and is now available with our South Melbourne painting venues. Taking place in immersive locations where you could be surrounded by inspiration and wildlife, this indulgent package takes your paint and sip experience to the next level. Our VIP Melbournians, for example, have had the chance to enjoy their classes at SEA LIFE Melbourne — giving them a chance to tick painting in front of a grey nurse shark off their bucket list!

Tap into your creative self with paint and sip in South Melbourne

There’s no better way to get your creative juices flowing than with the help of professional artists and a little bit of liquid courage. This is why our paint and sip concept is so popular. If you’re looking for a wine and paint South Melbourne location, then look no further than our Clarendon Street studio, and consider our extravagant VIP package if you’re after that little bit of extra inspiration. To book a session online, follow the links to the session that interests you, give us a call or send us an email.


Do I need any experience to do a paint and sip class?

Not at all! Our paint and sip South Melbourne classes aren’t about competition or creating a world-class piece of artwork. They’re about trying something new, having fun and learning a little bit about painting along the way. With some professional guidance and a little bit of wine, we can help you to do just that.

How do I get to your South Melbourne studio?

Our South Melbourne studio is easily accessible — located just south of the Yarra on the bustling Clarendon Street. Perhaps the simplest way to get there is via Melbourne’s extensive tram network, with our studio just a one-minute walk from the stop at the corner of York and Clarendon Street.

What is a paint and sip session like?

In short – fun! Our paint and sip sessions take place in an easy-going environment, making it the ideal place to enjoy yourself regardless of your painting ability. We focus on providing useful painting tips in a relaxed setting, while our luxury VIP classes offer yet another layer of enjoyment — courtesy of the unique locations in which they take place.

How much does a public Champainting session cost?

Sessions held at our Melbourne and Sydney locations cost between $55pp to $60pp depending on the session. Prices differ for specialty events, such as Paint Your Pet, and our Champainting® VIP events.

Should I book paint and sip in advance?

Yes, you must book in advance. Our public sessions work on a first-in-best dressed method. We can not hold seats.

How long are Champainting paint and sip sessions?

Our sessions are either 2 hours or 3 hours. Sunday – Friday evening sessions run for about 2 hours. Saturday Afternoon sessions run for about 2 hours. Saturday Evening sessions run for about 3 hours. Sunday Afternoon sessions run for about 3 hours.

What time should I arrive for my paint and sip session?

Our doors open 15 minutes before each session’s starting time. For example, our doors open at 6.45pm for sessions that start at 7pm. Your session start time is shown on our website’s session calendar for each studio and on your tax invoice, you receive after making your booking with US. The time between the doors opening and your session’s start time allows you to check-in with our artists, grab your apron and paints, pour your glass of liquid creativity and settle into your paint station.

What should I wear to a paint and sip session?

Wear whatever is comfortable for you.  We provide aprons to protect your clothes although we recommend that you wear something that you won’t mind if a little paint splashes on – accidents do happen.

How old do I need to be to attend a Champainting paint and sip session?

You must be 18+ to attend our sessions.

Am I allowed to eat while I paint?

Yes! Bring along your snacks and nibbles to enjoy while you paint.

Do I have to paint exactly the same thing as the Champainting artist?

No way! We encourage you to unleash your inner artist and put your own creativity into your artwork.

Can I take my painting home with me after the session?

Yes! By the end of the session, your masterpiece will be dry for you to take home.