1. What’s it like at Champainting?

It’s a fun, creative and unique night out!  Simply bring your favourite bottle of wine or other beverage (excluding Pop-up Sessions) and enjoy our relaxed and fun environment where our talented artists guide you step-by-step how to paint the session’s featured artwork.  Come alone, come with a date, come with friends!  Using acrylic paint on a canvas, you’ll be surprised at the masterpiece you create!  As we say, Walk in a Skeptic, Leave with a Masterpiece!

2. How much does a public paint session cost?

Sessions held at our Melbourne and Sydney locations cost between $50 to $60 per person depending on the session. Prices differ for specialty events, such as Paint Your Pet, and our Champainting® VIP events.

3. Should I book my seat in advance?

Yes, you must book in advance.  Click here to check out our studios and upcoming Champainting® VIP events to pick your painting and book online.

4. How long are the sessions?

Our sessions run between 2.5 and 3 hours depending on the session. The duration of each session is specified below each session on our studio calendars, as well as in each session’s product page where you book.

5. What time should I arrive?

Your session start time is shown on our website’s session calendar for each studio and on your tax invoice you receive after making your booking with US. Typically, painting starts 10-15 minutes after this time allowing you to check-in with our artists, grab your apron, pour your glass of liquid creativity and settle into your paint station.

6. What should I wear to a session?

Wear whatever is comfortable for you.  We provide aprons to protect your clothes although we recommend that you wear something that you won’t mind if a little paint splashes on – accidents do happen.

7. How old do I need to be to attend a session?

You must be 18+ to attend our sessions.

8. Am I allowed to eat while I paint?

Yes! Bring along your snacks and nibbles to enjoy while you paint.

9. Do I have to paint exactly the same thing as the art instructor?

No way! We encourage you to unleash your inner artist and put your own creativity into your artwork.

10. Can I take my painting home with me?

Yes! By the end of the session, your masterpiece will be dry for you to take home.

11. Can I bring along someone who won't be painting?

Unfortunately no. Seats are reserved for painting customers only.

12. Are your studios wheelchair accessible?

All our studios are wheelchair accessible, however, only our 233 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne and 38 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst studios have wheelchair accessible bathroom facilities.

13. What if I need to change my order?

Please click here to read about our reschedule policy for our public sessions (includes cancellations and other changes).

14. Can I book a private paint and sip party?

Yes! We cater for Team Building Events, Hen Parties, Birthday Parties and other social parties, as well as Christmas Parties. What are you interested in?

15. Can I purchase a Gift Voucher?

Yes! Check out our eGift Voucher page for more information.

16. Assistance Dogs and other animals

Animals are strictly not permitted entry into our studios with the exception of Guests with an assistance dog, as legislated by Federal Law through the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.  To ensure that the Guest and their assistance dog is seated appropriately and with comfort, the Guest must notify US prior to their session by calling us (0499007234) or emailing us at enquiries@champainting.com.au. As permitted by law, at the time of entry at our studio, WE may ask the Guest to present documentation showing that the assistance dog is qualified, accredited, and serving the Guest they are with.  The assistance dog must be wearing a jacket with branding from the organisation that qualified it.

17. Purchasing your Order using Backpocket

The hereunder information is provided by Backpocket. WE have set it out below for OUR Guests convenience. Please note that Backpocket simply offers a different method of payment. Its terms and conditions do not vary, modify or change Champainting’s terms and conditions and policies, including OUR Reschedule Policy, whatsoever.

What is Backpocket?

Backpocket is an Australian-owned service that lets shoppers split payment at checkout with their mates. No more chasing up cash or stressing about footing the bill. Paying with Backpocket is free for all users and does not affect your or your friends’ credit score or rating.

How does Backpocket work?

Simply checkout with Backpocket as the payment method, pay your share and your booking will be secured! Forward the payment link for friends to pay. No app or sign up required. All for free.

What happens if my friends don’t pay?

Backpocket gives your group a week to settle up. If payment isn’t made within this time, don’t worry, **the entire booking is still secured**. You can always settle the group’s tab yourself and invite others to join you. Alternatively, you can contact Champainting to make changes to your booking. We’ll give your group plenty of notice of the payment deadline, and we’ll alert you if the payment period does lapse. Once the payment period lapses, you can request Backpocket to extend the payment due date. Otherwise, as the group organiser, we may charge you the remaining amount. There are no fees for late payment.

When is the booking finalised?

When you checkout with Backpocket your booking is secured and processed immediately. It’s just like paying with any other payment service, the only difference is you only pay your share. If your friends don’t pay up in time, your purchase is still secured. There is never any risk of losing your booking.

Is it free to use?

Backpocket is completely free to use for all group members. No app needed and we don’t charge any fees, ever. Backpocket makes money by charging sellers to use our unique checkout service. That’s how we stay fee free for customers, forever. Yeah really. It’s free.

Do my friends need to sign up?

No account, app or registration is needed for friends to pay. Just share the link and they can pay instantly. It’s fuss-free.

Is there a limit on transaction amounts for Backpocket?

Backpocket has a transaction limit of $1000 per order.

Backpocket’s Terms and Conditions

If you would like to review the Backpocket’s terms and conditions, please click here and you will be redirected to its website.

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