Cork & Canvas Are Bringing Paint & Sip Sessions To You In Isolation, So Pour Me A Pinot

Published: 17 April 2020: I swear, since going into isolation, everyone is an artist – some, admittedly, better than others. Even before then, more and more people were getting in touch with their inner Monet. And that’s thanks to the team at Cork & Canvas, who have been blessing us with Paint & Sip sessions that’ve popped up around the country.

But since venues and events have shut down – cheers corona – the Cork & Canvas team have come up with an innovative way to keep your creative juices flowing from the safety of your home.

Introducing: Paint & Sip online workshops.

These workshops are for everyone – from the Da Vinci’s to the Mr (and Mrs) Squiggles’; from the art student, to the law student; to the nurse taking their first day-off in months, to the recently unemployed hospo worker.

Science has proven that just 45 minutes of creative activity significantly decreases stress in the body; so imagine how mellow you’ll feel after a full 2-hour workshop and a class (or two) of wine.

So a bit of painting and pinot is just what the doctor ordered to take your mind off the uncertainty beyond your home. And you can channel it into some beautiful art to go inside your home.

For just $25, you can gain access to a step-by-step video tutorial from a Cork & Canvas senior lead artist (and they have a few). That means you can really slow down and follow the tutorial at your own pace. And if you have too many sips (it’s likely when you’re home alone), you won’t miss any important steps – just rewind the video.

Of course, purchasing a ‘ticket’ to the class will give you access for a limited time; but enough to get your magnum opus done and dusted.

And if you don’t have the supplies, Cork & Canvas sell creativity kits with brushes, paints, and canvases for two pieces. So whether you’re painting solo ($65), with your S/O ($120), or you’re in a trio ($230), there’s an option for you.

Better yet, C&C have collared with Different Drop, and kits include a $20 voucher to use on wine orders over $100 made on that website.

Everything about this is a work of art, worthy of a space in the Louvre.

Maybe that’s a bit much, but you deserve to take a night off and let your creative juices flow. And Cork & Canvas are here to make it happen.

You’ll be Bob Ross in no time!

Thank you 5Why for this great write-up!

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