Change my Booking

Please note: Once you have completed the below section and submitted it, our team will manually process your request.

Be mindful that your request is timestamped and the terms and conditions of our Reschedule Policy will be applied based on when you submitted your request and your session or Champainting® VIP event is scheduled to take place.

Please note:

  • Unless you purchased the Champainting Guarantee, OUR standard reschedule terms and conditions apply (the summary table is set out below). Click here to read about our Champainting Guarantee (at item 8);
  • The below notice period does not apply to Speciality events, such as Paint Your Pet and Queen Of The Canvas and to Champainting® VIP eventsClick here to review the notice period for these events (at item 1); and
  • The notice period is calculated from your session or event’s scheduled start time.

Number of seats to Reschedule Considered a “No Show” with no voucher issued Notice period for a voucher less a $25 late reschedule fee per seat* Notice period for a voucher to reschedule (without penalty)**
1-4 seats 4 hrs or less between 4 and 72 hrs 72 hrs or more
5-10 seats 72 hrs or less between 72 hrs and 7 days 7 days or more
11+ seats 7 days or less between 7 and 21 days 21 days or more

* If you purchased the Champainting Guarantee, the late reschedule fee will be waived.
** If you purchased the Champainting Guarantee, you have the option to request a refund.