Copyright ownership of the Canvas Paintings and Digital Downloadable Prints

These Terms and Conditions set forth the legally binding terms and conditions for your use of the website and use  and/or purchase of goods offered by Champainting Pty Ltd and any of its related companies (hereunder ‘US’, ‘OUR’ or ‘WE’).  By accessing this website you agree to comply with these terms and conditions.  You warrant that you have the ability to enter into transactions directly with US and by making a request through the website you also warrant to US that you are at least 18 years of age.

1. Copyright Ownership

WE are the copyright owner of the canvas paintings and digital downloadable prints, including the image contained therein (hereunder the “Goods”). The purchaser agrees to purchase the Goods solely for personal use without any right whatsoever for its commercial use. ‘Commercial Use’ means use involving the exchange of money, promoting a business entity (including non-profit organisations) or directly or indirectly resulting in financial gain. At all times, WE retain the ownership of the copyright of the Goods.

2. Reproduction of Canvas Paintings

Reproduction of canvas paintings is strictly prohibited.

3. Reproduction of Digital Downloadable Prints

Reproduction of digital downloadable prints is strictly prohibited with the exception that a digital downloadable print may be reproduced by the purchaser for their sole personal use.

For example, a digital downloadable print may be reproduced by the purchaser to use as a screen saver on their smart phone and to have it printed and framed on their home wall.

4. Distribution of Digital Downloadable Prints

Distribution of digital downloadable prints is strictly prohibited. The purchaser purchases the digital downloadable print solely for their personal use.

5. Gifting of Digital Downloadable Prints

If the purchaser elects to gift a digital downloadable print to another, they may do so provided the gifting is in no way whatsoever connected with or related to commercial use of any kind and, upon making the gift, the purchaser acknowledges they forever surrender their right of personal use of the digital downloadable print. Upon gifting the digital downloadable print, they must immediately delete and destroy the digital downloadable print and any reproduced print whether it be in tangible or intangible form.

6. Commercial Licenses

If you are interested in obtaining a commercial license for any of our Goods, please email us at:

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